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Hard Reset

To restart the main Server process, any child processes, and recycle the application - use the "Hard Reset"

The Hard Reset function can found on the NetCanvas Site Listing for a Project.

Hard Set Button on a Project's list of sites

Clicking this button will Kill any tasks running on the server, under the User the given site is running under.

Each NetCanvas Site runs under a dedicated User account on the server. So when all process are killed they are only processes started by the application itself.

Having terminated any server-side processes the IIS Application pool is Stopped & Started.

Next, the individual IIS Site is Stopped & Started.

The request blocks until the sequence has completed.

This makes sure that any memory used & processes running by a NetCanvas instance is terminated.

More importantly, is ensures a new instance of the Application is ready to start reciving requests and handling them in a new process tree