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Create New Site

How to create a new site via NetCanvas Administration tools.


Typically, when creating a new project/site you'll want to include a number of plugins, such as the .dash UI and the Net4orce.Canvas.General Assemblies, which aren't included by default. The steps below are the easiest & quickest way to create a new site.

This is for creating a new development project, not updatng an existing site

Prerequisites & Downloads

Download the following relevant files before proceeding :

Latest Blank With .dash Zip

Latest Blank With .dash Zip

Use this file if you don't want to include General Assembly Support.

It has the .dash already installed & a blank set of sections for you to add whatever you like.

Latest General Setup - Zip

Latest Setup Zip

If you plan to use the General assembly use this starting point, it has the latest version of the assembly installed and relevant sections to support the assembly also configured.

Latest General Setup The WORKS! - Zip

Latest Setup Zip

If you plan to use the General assembly along with News and the Utilities assemblies, then use this starting point, it has the latest version of the different assemblies installed along with the relevant sections to support the assemblies also configured.

NET4ORCE SiteSetup - Zip

Latest NET4ORCE SiteSetup Zip

This special NET4ORCE SiteSetup start point is our in-house start point for standard public sites, with a number of standard tools installed, but also a bespoke SiteSetup assembly / Installer that within 2/3 mins generate :

  • Git Repo for Project

  • Add some 20 bespoke Source Codes Inc.

    • Header
    • Footer
    • Navs
    • css / js
  • Commits the initial project

  • Adds standards sections

    • Home
    • Main
    • Utility
    • Infomation
    • Contact
    • Control Panel
  • Populates some initial required content to the General assembly to support the above.

Once the installer is finished you will have a blank site ready to code against and add content to.

Required General Production Dlls - ZIP

Required Production Dlls - ZIP

This zip file contains the dlls you will need to use the "Latest General Setup" zip file.

Mono Support & Rasperry PI dev - ZIP

Mono Support & Rasperry PI dev - ZIP

This zip file contains a mono-support start point for developing site via a Cloud Based NetCanvas Instance.

Restricted Downloads

Please note, this article references assets which are avaliable via the website. These asssets are only accessible to authenticated users, please ensure you're logged in before atempting to download the files :

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Add Project

Add Project p-r

First you need to create a project, navigate to /projects/add.html of the NetCanvas Admin, you will see a screen similar to the following image.

Populate the fields:

  • Name

    Uniquie Project Name

  • Customer

    Your Customer's Name

  • Description

    Optional, comment about the project

  • Host Name

    The hostname the Live site will be running on.

Once you've created a project, it will appear in the project listing (/projects/).

The hostname

When defining your host name you MUST ensure the host/domain which you are using has a wildcard defined so that the different versions & states of your application can be accessed.

Add Site

Add Site p-r

Navigate to your project and to the right of the list of sites you will find the Add Site screen which looks like the adjecent image.

  • Release

    Select "HEAD"

  • Version Bump

    Select Patch

  • Branch

    Enter "master"

  • Description

    Add a comment about the site

  • Restore

    Download the Latest Zip & select the file for upload.

The zip file is optional, however it includes all of the plugins we normally use.

Upload Production DLLs

The latest release .zip contains references to dependancy DLLs that aren't included in the zip.

Navigate to the Details of the site, via the NetCanvas Admin. You'll see that Net4orce.Canvas.General.dll is listed. As the actuall DLL isn't included you need to delete the entry before re-uplaoding.

General Dependancy Dll t-c

Locate the Dependancy Upload panel & upload the latest DLLs: