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Some documentation on how to use Net4orce.Canvas.General Dynamic Assemblies

We supply a range of installable assemblies, this can be installed via the /admin/dynamicassemblys page.

  • Net4orce.Canvas.General

    General use libary designed to emcompass most public web content.

  • Net4orce.Canvas.General.HomeFeeds

    General Home Feeds

  • Net4orce.Canvas.General.Utilities

    General Utilities

  • Net4orce.Canvas.General.TeamProfiles

    General Team Profiles

  • Net4orce.Canvas.General.CaseStudies

    General Case Studies

  • Net4orce.Canvas.General.Ecommerce

    General Ecommerce

  • Net4orce.Canvas.General.News

    General News

  • Net4orce.Canvas.General.Gallery

    General Gallery