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Canvas DataServer

A DataServer is automatically generated for each DataType & contains a number of bespoke search tools for the given DataType and other mechs to manage/query/update the DataBase for the DataType.


There's a number of method on the DataServer :

  • GetById returns DataItem of given DB type and params can be string or long of the items Id.

  • GetByIds returns DataList<DataItem> of given DB type and params can be string or long of Ids for matching items

  • GetAll retruns all items from DataBase, where Exist == "A". Becareful using this can be an expensive query.

    Overloads, you can pass a param to Match Exist against

  • GetEveryThing returns all items in the DB regardless of Exist Status

  • FindAll(<exp>) where <exp> is a lambda expression used for matching, returns type DataList<T>.

  • Save(dataItem) Writes changes to dataItem to persisntant storage in mongoDB. If it's a new item it will be inserted and the Id of the item set.

  • Delete(dataItem) Deletes the item from the database, really it just sets Exist = "Z".